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The location where this video is yet to be known.
A wholesome video of a stray dog stepping on the stage and interrupting a dance performance is going viral on social media. The short clip was shared on Twitter on Tuesday by a user named Buitengebieden, and since then the post has accumulated more than 1.2 million views and over 31,000 likes. 
The 58-second video showed the dog interrupting the cultural dance performance on stage and stealing the show with his adorable antics. “Dog invades stage of cultural presentation,” the caption of the post read. 
Watch the video below: 
Dog invades stage of cultural presentation.. 😊
In the undated video, the dog is seen being affectionate towards the dancer. At one moment, the pooch even puts its paws on her as she goes about her performance. But the dog’s adorable antics do not seem to deter the dancer as she continued to dance with the same grace and confidence on her face. 
In the comment section of the post, while some internet users called the video adorable, others praised the composure of the female dancer. 
“That is quite adorable and she handled it with grace and poise. I would have been laughing so hard I wouldn’t have been able to continue,” wrote one user. “Bravo! She deserves a ton of credit for improvising and not breaking character,” said another. 
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A third commented, “talk about crashing the show. I give the performer credit and think she made the performance great.” A fourth added, “She did a good job improvising and continuing with the show. Silly doggo just wanted to be part of the fun.” 
The location where this video is yet to be known. 
Meanwhile, in a similar incident, a video showing a rhinoceros interrupting a football match surfaced on social media. The clip showed the grey rhinoceros strolling on the field and eating the green grass. The video accumulated more than 3 lakh views and thousands of comments. 
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