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Adult entertainment platform OnlyFans seems to be outperforming the rest of the tech sector. Its number of creators and subscribers both grew in recent months, according to the company’s CEO Amrapali "Ami" Gan.
“We’re not seeing any slowdown,” Gan told Axios.
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OnlyFans launched in 2016, but its popularity exploded during the pandemic, when celebrities and bored average people alike stuck in quarantine started creating their own accounts and pushing content.
But the rise of “sexfluencers,” or content creators who focus on sex and relationships, offers a fun lesson in market dynamics.
Fictional mobster Tony Soprano once said there were only two businesses that were recession-proof: adult entertainment and “our thing.” Turns out he was right. Recessions push more people into criminal activities, according to researchers at the LSE Centre for Economic Performance. They also boost demand for all forms of adult entertainment, including pornography, alcohol, gambling and tobacco.
The phenomenon is so well-understood that investors and researchers even have a term for it: “sin stocks.” Sin stocks like Anheuser-Busch (NYSE:BUD) and British American Tobacco (NYSE:BTI) outperformed the S&P 500 in 2022 by wide margins.
Meanwhile, OnlyFans seems to have avoided much of the pain spreading across the tech sector. The company announced only one minor round of layoffs in 2022, while media giants like Twitter and Netflix lost up to 50% of their workforce.
In fact, OnlyFans is profitable. Since 2020, the platform has delivered at least $500 million in net earnings to its owner, Leonid Radvinsky. Gan says the number of content creators has expanded to 3 million this year. These “sexfluencers” combine sexual content with traditional online influencer models to generate up to $900,000 a month.
Unfortunately, retail investors are missing out on this entertaining growth story as OnlyFans remains a private company. And that’s not likely to change as Gan says the team is “happy being privately held.” However, there are other ways investors can bet on the adult entertainment sector in 2023.
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RCI Hospitality (NASDAQ:RICK) operates over 40 strip clubs across the country. CEO Eric Langan said the company was “recession-resistant” and that "business is very, very good and we're continuing to run record revenues quarter after quarter.”
Nearly half (45%) of the company’s revenue is derived from alcohol sales, which tend to be marked up in strip clubs. Put simply, the company has pricing power in the midst of a recession and record-high inflation.
In the fourth quarter of 2022, the company reported 29.9% growth in revenue and 71.6% growth in net free cash flow. The stock is up 95.8% since July.
Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc. (NASDAQ: GLPI) is a specialized real estate investment trust that owns 57 casinos across 17 states. These casino properties are occupied by well-known brands such as Penn Entertainment, Caesars Entertainment, Boyd Gaming Corporation, Casino Queen, Bally’s and Cordish Companies.
All contracts are “triple-net” leases which puts the company in a favorable position. GLPI stock is up 8.5% over the past year.It trades at 21 times earnings per share and offers a 5.6% dividend yield.
If you’d rather not pick individual sin stocks, there’s a fund that makes it easier to bet on this phenomenon. AdvisorShares Vice ETF (NYSEARCA: VICE) has over $8.5 million in assets under management and holds sin stocks like Heineken, Monarch Casinos and MGP Ingredients.
The stock is up 6.5% over the past six months.
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Generally speaking, income you earn from your job or business is fully taxable at the federal level and, where applicable, at the state level. Also See: 6 Types of Retirement Income That Aren't…
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Thursday is a big day for tech earnings as Alphabet, Amazon and Apple all are set to report their quarterly results. 
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When Hindenburg Research revealed a short position in Adani Group last week, some U.S. investors said they were intrigued about the actual mechanics of its trade, because Indian securities rules make it hard for foreigners to bet against companies there. Its allegations, which the Indian conglomerate has denied, have wiped out more than $80 billion of market value from its seven listed companies and knocked billionaire Gautam Adani from his perch as the world's third-richest man. On Wednesday, a $2.5 billion sale of shares by one of its companies Adani Enterprises was called off.
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AMD shares skyrocketed Wednesday after its earnings and guidance reassured analysts spooked by rival Intel's gloomy forecast and plan to cut benefits.
Michael Burry, the hedge-fund manager at Scion Asset Management who correctly forecast the 2008 financial crisis, on Tuesday night sent out a one-word tweet: “Sell.” Burry didn’t elaborate, but it’s not hard to fill in the blanks. Assets like bitcoin and ARK Innovation ETF surged in January, in a seeming dash for trash on the view the Fed’s going to pivot to rate cuts soon, which is a lot to stomach for a value-focused investor like Burry.
On average since 2007, Apple stock has increased 1.1% in the regular trading session following the company's earnings release, according to Dow Jones Market Data.
With Apple leading the pack and other tech firms following, these are the 10 most profitable companies in the world by 12-month trailing net income.
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If Apple's earnings hue closely to analysts' predictions, it'll be just the latest sign that the tech industry is on the downswing.


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