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Many fighting game franchises have not only impacted the game industry but have lasted an incredibly long time. Easily one of the biggest fan-favorites is Mortal Kombat. The reason for it is simple. Unlike many other fighting game franchises, this one never held back on the violence. In fact, the game’s creators noted that they cranked up the violence and action so that it wouldn’t resemble its rival in Street Fighter. That choice resulted in many things happening, including the creation of the ESRB. But now, 30+ years later, the series is still thriving and still has some surprises to show off.
In this case, that would be via the source code of their second title, Mortal Kombat 2. The game had its source code leaked, and someone did a deep dive into it to see all the cut content. For example, many characters had combat animations made that weren’t a part of the final game. Some characters like Johnny Cage had moves that weren’t put into the title either. That includes a Fatality move where he kills someone by removing their throat. There were also additions to stages left on the cutting room floor and a mysterious new look for Scorpion that made him blue!
There’s a lot to uncover in the video below. We’ll warn you that the video is almost 3-hours long, so be sure you’re ready for the long haul before you start it up, ok?
As for what’s next for the franchise, NetherRealm Studios has been working on many projects to expand the lore further. Mobile games are in the works, new animation projects were recently released, and the next live-action movie is in production. Regarding the mainline games, franchise co-creator Ed Boon has said that NetherRealm Studios is either working on the next MK game or the next entry in their DC Comics collaboration.
Many fans feel they could go either way with this, given how popular both franchises are. That being said, the presumption is that it’ll be Mortal Kombat 12 due to how successful the 11th game was. It was the best-selling game in the franchise by a country mile, and its story expansion further helped with that. Plus, Ed Boon asked some unique questions about the series’ past DLC content and it’s excited players.
No matter what happens, the series is going to live on, and fans will continue to find ways to enjoy it.
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