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Enterprise Edition users of plug-in server management solution Gameye now have full access to the software’s source code, allowing them to “bring their server orchestration in-house and embed it within their own custom platform or ecosystem.”
The software is used to enable massive multiplayer and multi-user infrastructures in software backends for both game publishers and studios, and took six years to develop.
Gameye’s tools let developers balance their games’ load across servers, and allocate resources to maximise speed and efficiency. They are platform agnostic, so they don’t require other software or platforms to function. Gameye also includes security features, including a DDoS protection feature that can recognise and repel attacks to try and prevent downtime. 
“We’ve been building and improving our platform since 2017, managing our customers’ servers and making sure their games run smoothly,” said Sebastiaan Heijne, Gameye CEO. “As the industry evolves, developers want to build bigger and more engaging worlds and platforms. Gameye Enterprise makes this possible, without needing to spend years of dev time and budget working out solutions we’ve already solved.”
If you have further questions about Gameye, or would just like to learn more about the Enterprise Edition, you can contact the Gameye team here.
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