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We covered TalkTalk who reported a large traffic spike on the evening of 19th October back last week and now Zen Internet has announced it also saw a spike in traffic between 8 pm and 10 pm on Wednesday 19th.
Early access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s single-player campaign was made available to pre-order customers to download from 19th October and to play from 20th. At Zen this coincided with a new traffic peak between 8 and 10pm on 19th, at circa + 11% our previous peaks.
With PC players alone downloading as much as 72GB for the full game, and console players around 37GB, these major game releases are just another example of the nation’s love for gaming and streaming entertainment via the internet.
There will likely be similar record demand and traffic spikes on our network, not only when the full game is released this Friday, but also as we approach other key calendar events in the winter months. The challenge for all internet providers is to stay ahead of the capacity demand curve, something we are committed to do with our policy of continual investment in our network.
What is interesting is that Zen Internet is attributing the spike to those who had pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and were keen to enjoy the campaign mode that was made available prior to the full release on Friday 28th October. TalkTalk and others have been talking about their spike that evening being down to the five Premier League football matches that were streaming live on Amazon Prime that evening. Everyone might actually be right on this since it is possible that while some ISP’s may have seen the football as the biggest part of a spike in traffic others that have a higher proportion of PC or console gamers might have seen a spike which was more down to the big gaming download.
If you are a football fan and an online gamer then evenings like that will be when having a fast enough connection to do both streaming and massive downloads at the same time would be an advantage. If you opted for a full Gigabit service, others in the house would not be complaining about the broadband feeling slow.
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