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Major Johnny has caught the eye
Since the death of queen Elizabeth II last week, a lot of news has surrounded England’s royal family. The new king, Charles III, hasn’t proven to be a popular figure and has already come in for a lot of criticism.
But Charles has been afforded some respite by one of the family’s bodyguards, a particularly notable Major Johnny.
Major Johnny‘s real name is Jonathan Thompson and he has been responsible for protecting the family for years. Prior to her death, he was always by Elizabeth‘s side at public events and he will now do the same with Charles.
During a meeting with new prime minister Liz Truss, Johnny attracted attention.
It was his clothing that first caught the eye of those watching, and then his dashing good looks. A muscular man, as expected given his job, Johnny has won a lot of fans of late.
Some have labelled him ‘Major Eye Candy’.
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