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French Twitch streamer Barbara “Maghla” has provided a shocking account of various sections of the internet exploiting her pictures by photoshopping her into lewd images.
The 28-year-old streamer, who has amassed over 692K followers, took to her Twitter account to relay the disturbing fact that her image has been circulated throughout the internet (across different platforms). She provided multiple screenshots of instances where her photo has been “deep faked” into someone else’s body (mostly n*ked).
Her tweets were further amplified by online media reporter Jake Lucky. He shared:
Twitch streamer Maghla has provided another instance of online harassment and cyber bullying. It is no secret that being a woman on the internet, that too with a fairly large community, is a challenging task.
The 28-year-old posted an elaborate thread of tweets detailing an account of cyber exploitation, misuse of images, and online harassment. She said:
She then went on to post various screenshots from several platforms where her images can be seen morphing into lewd content. She shared a screenshot of Redditors using her image to make obscene and s*xually suggestive content:
She also provided instances of her images being misused on adult websites, while stating that users have been found to be making offensive remarks such as the “R-word”:
Maghla also provided her take on Discord servers. She added:
Furthermore, she revealed that she needs to constantly ban users who make offensive remarks during the livestream. She posted:
She concluded her rant by reminding her viewers about the challenges of being a female streamer on the platform. She, along with many other streamers, have gone through similar harrowing experiences. Maghla is among the few to have spoken up against it. She added:
It remains to be seen if the moderators and programmers of the aforementioned platform will take any stringent steps regarding the gross and vigorous misuse of images and information.
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