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Poke Staff. Updated November 22nd, 2022
Over on TikTok someone called @myjanebrain has gone wildly viral with this egg burger recipe which, well, you’re going to have to have a watch for yourself.
‘I’m never making burgers another way,’ says Jane.
To which @BornAKang said on Twitter: ‘I swear some people should be banned from cooking.’ And they might have a point …
What is happening??!!😳😳😳👇🏽👇🏼
— American citizen 🇺🇸 (@Ordainedprophet) November 22, 2022

It prompted no end of totally on-point responses …
I can’t get over this…
— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) November 22, 2022

Good night, and good luck with the nightmares!
— Joe R • jryerr on IG (@joer__) November 22, 2022

The one with the blood in it’s eyes definitely did it for me
— Ayooo teetee🍊 (@hoesluvteetee) November 22, 2022

I’ve always been unsure as to why Americans think we English can’t cook and I hope she went to prison after this video and meal was made…
— Amanda Abbington (@CHIMPSINSOCKS) November 22, 2022

Grocery cost too much for yt people to keep playing with food like this
— Breezy.F.Baby🤫 (@_BreezyBabii_) November 22, 2022

Call the police.
— Emma Kennedy (@EmmaKennedy) November 22, 2022

But this chef’s response surely said it best …
Actual real chef reactions to whatever the fuck she tried to pass off as culinary guidance makes it even better. This dude is the best on TikTok giving his reactions to other people’s cooking demonstrations.
— julian chwang (@ChwangJulian) November 22, 2022

And just in case you were thinking it’s just some epic trolling from @myjanebrain, well, one of her other recipes is ‘how to cook a chicken in a pumpkin’ so you might be onto something.
But in 2022, it’s wise not to stick your neck out too far.
This ‘controversial opinion’ Tinder exchange escalated at the speed of sound and your jaw will be on the floor
Source TikTok @myjanebrain Twitter @Ordainedprophet
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