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Altcoins are entirely different from Bitcoin; instead, they are marketable digital currencies. Any cryptocurrency coin listed on the cryptocurrency market that isn’t Bitcoin is referred to as an “altcoin” in this context.
Academic and curator Alka Pande looks into the phenomenon and wonders who is Shiva? Is he a God? Is he a concept? Is he truth? Is he a representation of the phallus? Is he a destroyer? Is he the lord of dance?
Will the gods of the Hindu pantheon be reduced to singular narratives and used to polarise identities based on politics of Otherness? Asks Outlook Editor Chinki Sinha on attempts at appropriation of Shiva
From the most benign to the most destructive, Lord Shiva remains a mystery who defies definition. Attempts to appropriate him may not succeed.
Shiva resonates at various levels among underprivileged communities in God’s Own Country, writes Keli Ramachandran
Ganeshwar, a PhD scholar with the Hyderabad University, tells us why Hindu nationalists will find it difficult to construct Shiva as the face of their aspirations in southern states
Updated: 10 Oct 2022 5:27 pm
Cryptocurrency is one of the sectors of the global financial industry that is growing the quickest. Although some countries have outright banned some or all of these currencies, cryptocurrencies have emerged as the next big thing in the banking industry. Some people view cryptocurrency as a quick-hit investment.
In the world of cryptocurrency shares, altcoins are steadily growing. As an alternative to the original cryptocurrency coin, Bitcoin (BTC), which emerged in 2009. Altcoins have successfully created a variety of blockchain platforms and products that are comparable to those of Bitcoin.
Altcoins are entirely different from Bitcoin; instead, they are marketable digital currencies. Any cryptocurrency coin listed on the cryptocurrency market that isn't Bitcoin is referred to as an "altcoin" in this context.
Altcoin projects dominate the market's list of cryptocurrency stocks. Some of them include newcomer Runfy (RUNF), Chainlink (LINK), and Filecoin (FIL) 
Runfy’s (RUNF) Exciting Roadmap
Runfy (RUNF) is actively trying to mobilize individuals from all over the world to mobilize all resources and make its network a force to be reckoned with, with the help of its industry-experienced team, engineers, and partners.
Q3 2022
●    Platform development
●    Mobile app development
●    Marketing
Q4 2022
●    Runfy (RUNF) Token development
●    Airdrop/referral rewards
●    Pre-sales
Q1 2023
●    Giveaway: 2 x giveaways with a minimum worth USD20/Token prize
●    Staking: Launch the Staking Platform
●    Lending Platform: Launch of Lending Platform
●    Listing Cex: Listing on Top 5 CEX
●    Price Predictor Platform: Launch of Price Prediction Platform
Q2 2023
●    Marketplace: Collection with our Native Token
●    Contests: Contest Shill Twitter/Telegram, Youtube/Reddit
●    Stablecoin: To expand the ecosystem
●    Marketing and Partnerships: New partnerships and more marketing
Q3 2023
●    DeFi Wallet: Launch of first fitness-based DeFi wallet
●    Partnership: Grow and Build more Partnerships
●    Contests: Create more Contests
●    Giveaways: More Giveaways
●    Gift: More Gifts given to their users
Chainlink (LINK) Is a Good Choice
The Chainlink network utilizes the cryptocurrency known as Chainlink. The Chainlink network seeks to simplify smart contracts by providing businesses with reliable and high-quality data feeds so they may use that data to establish contracts worth trillions of dollars. 
These feeds may contain data on the financial markets, the weather, or even sporting events. For the goal of validating real-world data, smart contract applications in the blockchain space commonly leverage Oracle networks and rely on various datasets.
As the world becomes more digital, Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), the California-based "metaverse" play, has been one of the most well-known advocates for blockchain. 
Filecoin (FIL) Offers Great Utility
The company Protocol Labs, which also developed libp2p and IPFS, founded Filecoin (FIL). Filecoin (FIL) is an open-source, public cryptocurrency and digital payment system. It is a blockchain-based unified digital storage and data retrieval system. 
The Filecoin (FIL) network serves its goal by enabling users to compensate service providers for data storage or retrieval. This gives miners—anyone with extra storage space—a financial incentive to join the network and offer their resources.
It produces a storage infrastructure that is more decentralized, safe, and censorship-resistant than what is provided by conventional cloud providers.
For more information on Runfy (RUNF), follow the links below:
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