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Back in February, SpaceX introduced a high-performance satellite internet solution that was specifically designed for businesses. The higher-tier kit is a step above the standard Starlink system, with its larger dish that features double the antenna capability to its faster internet speeds.
Inasmuch as the service was attractive, however, there was one issue: it costs a whopping $2,500 for the high-performance satellite internet system and a very premium $500 per month for the service itself. As per recent updates to the official Starlink website, a high-performance satellite internet kit is now available for residential customers as well, and it doesn’t even require a $500 monthly fee.
While residential customers who wish to acquire Starlink’s high-performance satellite internet kit would still be paying $2,500 for the hardware, they only need to pay the standard $110 per month for the service itself. Residential customers who opt in for a high-performance dish could then get more out of Starlink’s capabilities for the same monthly fee.
SpaceX notes that the high-performance Starlink kit would be best for users who reside in harsh environments, such as those who are in hot or cold climates. Starlink’s Support Page also indicates that the high-performance dish has better download speeds in hot weather, better snow melt capability, improved water resistance, and better visibility of satellites.
“High Performance can see 35% more sky, allowing it to connect to more satellites and better serve users with atypical installations, unavoidable obstructions, or in polar (>59 degrees latitude) and equatorial regions where there are fewer visible satellites,” Starlink’s support page noted.
Recent announcements from SpaceX have revealed that Starlink is now on all seven continents, including Antarctica. This was confirmed by the National Science Foundation, which noted that scientists in Antarctica’s McMurdo station are “over the moon” due to the benefits brought by SpaceX’s satellite internet solution.
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