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Microsoft likes to tout performance improvements in its new dev tooling releases, with the recent Visual Studio 2022 17.4 being no exception.
The company penned what quite likely may be the largest blog post ever published in detailing in excruciating detail the performance improvements in .NET 7, released earlier this month along with VS 2022 v17.4. The upshot of the mind-bending tome is that .NET 7 is really fast (see “Everything Anyone Could Possibly Want to Know About .NET 7 Performance Improvements“).
So how fast is the latest iteration of VS 2022?
Microsoft today (Nov. 21) published a blog post about significant improvements across common scenarios like find in files, branch switching, configuration changes, unit testing, C++ indexing and file saving. Here’s a bullet-point summary:
“We use product telemetry from our GA releases to set baselines, run experiments in previews to test different solutions, measure changes in controlled lab environments for repeatable results, and dogfood builds daily to test our changes,” Microsoft said. “While your mileage may vary, we believe there is something here for everyone.”
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It has speedier find in files, branch switching, configuration changes, unit testing, C++ indexing and file saving.
A private preview of Visual Studio port forwarding in ASP.NET Core web-dev projects has turned into a public preview of dev tunnels, Microsoft announced this week. So what’s a dev tunnel?
“TypeScript posted a doubletake-inducing 2,788 percent gain.”
Heading the highlights of ML.NET 2.0 are new APIs for working with text, specifically text classification in Model Builder, along with a sentence similarity API.
Prior, Windows 11 widgets, those little boxes of text/graphics content that provide users with information generated by installed apps, such as news, weather, traffic, texts and so on, were off limits to Windows developers.
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