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‘The clouds should be interconnected. And you can mix and match services from multiple clouds. Customers choosing the service that best meets their needs. The garden walls come tumbling down,’ Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison said this week.
In his keynote address this week at Oracle CloudWorld 2022, company co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison described an Oracle more open to partnering with ISVs, highlighting a recent partnership with fellow tech giant Microsoft.
Partnerships are also part of Ellison’s vision for the Austin, Texas-based database services giant that is now taking on electronic health-care systems, closing its $28 billion purchase of electronic health systems company Cerner in June.
“There’s no way we can do this by ourselves,” Ellison said, describing Oracle building next-generation health-care applications. “We don’t have the domain expertise to do this by ourselves. We have to have partners. We have to have partners as we automate the ecosystem.”
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In his hour-plus-long keynote at CloudWorld 2022—held in person in Las Vegas and streamed online—Ellison said enterprises want an “internet of clouds” to facilitate more customer choice and prevent vendor lock-in.
He made his usual boast-that Oracle’s MySQL HeatWave offering is faster than Amazon Web Services’ Aurora. And he gave database services rival Snowflake an uncharacteristic compliment in working with multiple cloud vendors first.
Ellison also pitched the concept of a national health records database to help with data security and speed up health-care delivery in the U.S.
“In Europe today, health-care costs are the highest segment of the budget,” Ellison said on stage. “If we’re not careful … we’re going to bankrupt Western civilization unless we find a more efficient way of providing health care to everybody. Our current systems, it takes too long to see a doctor. Costs too much to go to the hospital. We’re really straining the budgets of our Western democracies. We’ve got to do a better job.”
Here’s more of what Ellison had to say this week at CloudWorld 2022.
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