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Jackbox Games has announced a brand new system for streamers and other players to get involved with as they launched an Ambassador Program. The company is basically looking for people who are really enthusiastic about their brand, especially Jackbox Party Pack games, to become ambassadors and essentially help keep games going all the time. You don’t even need to be a content creator or streamer to do so, as they’re looking for people across the board and around the globe to take part in it. So how do you do that? The company loaded a number of details here for you to read up on, and you can register and start earning rewards in the program at this link. Basically, the more you play and promote, the more of an ambassador you can become, totally free to do.
The Jackbox Games Ambassador Program is designed to reward our amazing party advocates who spread the word about Jackbox and our games. Ambassadors will receive exclusive access to special Discord channels, earn free game codes and more! We’ve set up a simple form where you can complete actions to get rewards directly from us! Rewards range from discount codes in our shop to special VIP sections in our Discord depending on how many points you accrue. NOTE: Some actions, like linking Facebook accounts, will be limited to brand or business accounts due to Facebook privacy restrictions.
Over the next few months, we’ll be adding actions to earn points and learning from our community what YOU want to see as an Ambassador. Ambassadors will have a direct line to our studio to share feedback on how we can make your experience better. You can earn points by sharing posts on social media, playing our games, sharing with friends and talking about our games! If you’re already doing this, great! It’s time to get rewarded for your efforts!
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