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  • The food bill, originally shared on 12 August 2013 on Facebook by Lazeez Restaurant & Hotel. It is dated 20 December 1985

A 37-year-old food bill from a restaurant, which has gone viral on social media, has stunned the internet, leaving people wondering, “who bhi kya din the!”. While we know how low the prices were nearly four decades ago, the viral food bill has brought back the memories for many.
The bill, originally shared on 12 August 2013 on Facebook by Lazeez Restaurant & Hotel. The food bill is dated 20 December 1985. As the bill shows, the customer had ordered Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhni, Raita and a few chapatis and they were priced 8, 5, 5 and 6, respectively.
The bill total was 26 including the service tax which was for 2. What do we get in 26 in 2022? Maybe a packet of biscuits or chips?
Internet users have reacted to the viral food bill from 1985 with shock.
A user said, “is janam me ye price wapas nahi aeyga. Dekh ke khus raho [these prices will not come back in this life]. Another said, “2013 me yhi bill 2,630 ka ayega [this was the bill in 2013]”
“Where are we now? 20 times for sure,” one said. “Gone are the Golden Day, when food was affordable, and eating enjoyable.”
“OMG… It was so cheap then… yes ofcourse the value of money was far far far more those days….”
Another calculated how much the bill has gone up and said, “That’s 28 years ago. At 9% pa amount doubles in 7 years. So it has grown 16 times in 28 years.”
“Pupe, do you remember the Re 1/= thali at Mangal Vihar? Beer at Creswell for 5/=, return the bottle for Re 1/= refund & ‘raid’ Mangal Vihar with that money, only to walk back a contented man, to the hostel!”
One said, “My wedding dinner was great and cost 17 a plate.”
And some called the food bill of 1985 a fake because “there was no ST [service tax] back in 1985.”
A user, CA by profession, said, “This bill is wrong… at the time of 1985’s there was no S.T. as this act comes into existance in 1994. Thank you,” while another mentioned, “this bll seem to be fake as there was no service tax in 1985 , think bout it.”
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