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Drive the adoption of digital technology
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Sanctions relating to Russia: Where businesses can go for support
From reaching net zero, to responding to labour shortages, business and government must be at the forefront of creating an innovation economy that supports the adoption and diffusion of technologies to ensure the UK can remain globally competitive.
The UK needs more businesses with the skill and the will to adopt readily available technologies and management practices proven to lift productivity and pay – and we need the government to support their efforts. We’re calling on the government to develop the policies to ensure more firms get help to adopt innovations.
Expand technologies covered under the Help to Grow scheme
Expand Made Smarter into a national programme
Increase awareness of the technology that works and the adoption support available through online resources and relevant campaigns
“Technology is a powerful driver of productivity. It’s enabled thousands of businesses to serve their customers and stay close to their people during the pandemic. We’ve made a lot of progress so let’s keep up the momentum: encouraging SMEs to adopt tech; helping firms adopt AI; and creating truly digital workplaces.”
Greater take-up of innovation could transform the UK economy and help to address several societal challenges.
AI diffusion could add £38bn to UK GVA
SME tech adoption could add around £45bn to UK GVA
70% of businesses agree new technologies have helped their businesses be more resilient
At the heart of productivity, resilience and worker satisfaction, innovation will be a vital enabler of business’ ability to capture the prizes on offer over the decade to come. Standing still is not an option. Business must be on the front foot, shaping innovation policy and learning from their peers.
Innovation —
Tech Tracker 2020: the innovation imperative
Innovation —
The CBI launches Big Fish, Little Fish – what you need to know
The CBI campaigns tirelessly on behalf of our members so that business creates prosperity for all. Learn more about the work we do and the impact we are making on this issue.
Embracing digital in every sector
Adopting the future
CBI launches consultations to understand challenges with innovation adoption
Disrupting the future
From Ostrich to Magpie
CBI Scorecard on Industrial Strategy
Government announces fund to help SMEs
2018 Budget announces measures to help firms adopt new technologies
Ready, set, connect
Transforming into the future
Helping the UK become the best and safest place to build a digital business
Business needs to put ethics at the core of AI
Better broadband: from rhetoric to reality
Select committee joins CBI in calling for greater technology adoption
Tech Tracker 2019: the must-know technology and innovation trends
Take a tech reality check: understand the trends that will impact your business
London Tech Guarantee Scheme: why your business should be concerned about digital exclusion
Tech Tracker 2020: the innovation imperative
The CBI informs the government’s new Help to Grow Scheme
Key takeaways from the government innovation strategy
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Our members are our mandate, and the reason we’re the most influential business organisation in the UK. Join the voice of business, and help us campaign to keep digital adoption a priority on the government agenda.
Help the CBI shape government policy to ease business’ adoption of digital technology and boost efficiency.
This campaign is led by the CBI’s Innovation and Digital team.

Contact Felicity Burch, Director of Innovation, to find out about the progress UK business urgently needs to adopt digital technology and how you can support it.
The CBI is the UK's premier business organisation, providing a voice for firms at a regional, national and international level to policymakers. Our Purpose — helping business create a more prosperous society.


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