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Volatility is the bane of cryptocurrencies, which is why they are unreliable as stores of value. This brought about the need for cryptocurrencies whose values are tied to a more stable asset or currency, usually a fiat currency like the US dollar. However, these stablecoins are not ‘stable’, and neither are they completely decentralized.
Fiat currencies lose value all the time, affecting the value of these stablecoins. So in real terms, the purchasing power of stablecoins does not remain constant. Also, fiat currencies are controlled by the federal reserves or central banks, negating decentralization. Adirize comes in.

Adirize is a project that aims to provide a decentralized algorithmic reserve currency through its token, ADI. ADI will be backed by a reserve of cryptocurrency assets owned by the Adirize protocol. So instead of borrowing liquidity, Adirize will own the liquidity.
ADI can be staked for rewards. To stake ADI, you buy the token in regular exchanges or exchange your liquidity for ADI. You then use the app to stake ADI. Staking rewards are denominated in stakedADI (sADI). Staking rewards are usually high, and your sADI has the same value as regular ADI while also being transferrable.
Another way to earn on Adirize is bonding. Bonding involves selling your liquidity to the blockchain to receive ADI tokens at a discounted rate. Bonding makes you a liquidity provider. You can also sell your ADI back to the protocol at a price higher than the market price for a piece of liquidity, known as inverse bonding.
Adirize DAO will be the governance arm of the ecosystem. ADI holders will participate in proposing, discussing, and voting on suggestions regarding the running of the ecosystem. A suggestion would require a majority of votes before it is adopted.
Solana is a decentralized blockchain utilizing smart contracts. It uses a proof of stake mechanism to create new blocks and validate transactions. It is known for its speed and cheap transaction fees.
Solana is considered a rival to Ethereum because they perform the same functions. It is also one of the fastest-growing blockchains. SOL is the native and governance token of the Solana ecosystem.
Although Solana is a popular platform for running dApps, the SOL token is still subject to the whims of the market. This makes it a poor store of value, unlike Adirize’s ADI, which will remain stable despite market movements. On the other hand, this makes it a good store of value and will encourage investors to hold the bulk of their crypto assets in ADI.
Ripple is an open-source blockchain-based payment platform. It is used for international transfers and to exchange fiat currencies. Ripple uses Federated Consensus to add new blocks to the blockchain. In this method, all participants are known to each other. A new block is added when all validators agree.
Ripple completes a transaction in less than five seconds, whereas using normal channels to transfer funds takes a few hours to a few days. Ripple’s native token is XRP.
The Federated Consensus model that Ripple uses to create new blocks does not make staking possible. But, on the other hand, you earn substantial rewards when you stake ADI. This makes ADI more attractive to investors looking to earn with their crypto assets.
Furthermore, while the community governs Adirize, decision-making in Ripple is centralized.
Finally, Adirize has developed a token that will be the reference point in the crypto space. ADI will make it practically possible to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency. Moreover, people will be confident using the token because they are sure its purchasing power will remain the same.
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