Dave Castro's Programming Legacy: The CrossFit Games – Morning Chalk Up

Finally, we reach the pinnacle event, and the pinnacle of Dave Castro’s programming; the final stage of each competitive season since 2007: the CrossFit Games. However, if you haven’t read the previous two pieces about the Open and Regionals we encourage you to go back and do so, many implements from the Games have borrowed from the qualifying stages, and many elements of the Games have similarly found themselves in earlier stages of the competition a few years down the road. So for the most comprehensive understanding of the genius and continuity of Castro’s programming legacy, go check those out and we’ll see you back here shortly.
The Unknown and Unknowable
Is there really any place to start but here? These four words are synonymous with the CrossFit Games, especially for those that were around when it all began, at Dave Castro’s Ranch in Aromas California in the summer of 2007 with the second CrossFit Games workout of all time: The Hopper. 
This workout, and this concept are so important and iconic for both the sport and the methodology of CrossFit. And, as we’ve been discussing, Castro has managed to maintain the integrity of baseline CrossFit principles even as the sport has exploded in the 15 years since. 
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