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TL;DR: The 2023 Coding with Scratch Programming Bundle(opens in a new tab) is on sale for £22.12, saving you 97% on list price.
One of the first things you may realise when you start learning to code is that there’s not one objectively correct place to start. Instead, you can think about what kind of things you want to program. If you want to make Android apps, learn Flutter and Dart. If you want to make websites or software, then try Python. And if you want to make simple games while also learning about coding as a whole, then learn Scratch in the 2023 Coding with Scratch Programming Bundle(opens in a new tab)
If you’re brand new to coding, this bundle of five courses on Scratch and game design could help you learn the fundamentals while also creating some cool projects, and it’s just £22.12 for all five courses. 
If you’ve never tried coding, it can be a lot to learn. Scratch helps to make it manageable by showing you how to code with blocks instead of writing everything out yourself. In Intro to Coding with Scratch, you’ll be presented with a visual programming system, more akin to a flowchart. Though it looks a bit different from coding with other languages, you’ll still learn how to implement algorithms, understand screen coordinates, deal with instruction branches, and more. 
Each course is taught by instructors from Zenva – an education organisation with over one million learners on technical subjects like game development, machine learning, virtual reality, and full-stack development. 
Once you’ve got the basics of Scratch down, you can start applying what you know to animations, game design, and even a self-driving car simulation. Learn to construct animation loops, multi-object projects, manipulate data, and move sprites based on key inputs. 
By the final course, you’ll be studying how to control moving cars based on programmable sensor data, adjust variables, and construct your own complex algorithms. Scratch may look simple, but this building-block programming language appropriately may help you learn the fundamental building blocks of other languages. 
Scratch was created to be a simple coding language for beginner programmers and kids to learn, and that’s why it’s such a useful starting point if you’re new to coding. If you want to try your hand at Scratch, then get the 2023 Coding with Scratch Programming Bundle(opens in a new tab) for just £22.12.
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Note that any programming tips and code writing requires some knowledge of computer programming. Please, be careful if you do not know what you are doing…

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