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Best educational games for kids for Nintendo Switch iMore 2022
The Nintendo Switch is a great console for kids. Aside from setting your child’s console up with one of the best Switch cases to keep it protected, the next best thing to is to set it up with some educational games for Switch. This way, your kids can play in a way that’s good for their brain instead of just traveling a fantasy land saving a princess, although that is fun too. With the best educational games for Switch, your kids will have so much fun, they won’t even know they’re learning. Here are a few we recommend.
This science-based game is for kids age 6+ with different content for age groups 6-7, 8-9, and 10+. Players are trying to save their friend Finn from an evil infection! They are shrunk down to fight off bacteria and viruses. Along the way, they learn about the musculoskeletal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems.
Learn what it takes to make a game with this visual, step-by-step guide to programming and game design. Through fun, game-like lessons, players will be able to create their own games and play them when they’re complete! This is a fun option for middle-school kids, parents, and grandparents alike to enjoy some time together learning a new skill.
Teaching kids to clean their plates and how to look for words in letters all in one! This cute game is all about figuring out how many words you can spell when given a select few letters. Find them all to get to the next level! There is a selection of difficulty levels, so both younger and older children will get just the right level of challenge in the 540 available levels.
Explore nature as Little Mouse! While you find new things among nature, a new encyclopedia page with all kinds of information on the plants, animals, and other items you discover is created. This children’s book illustration style world has four fun areas to see.
Being on the farm includes a lot of chores every day learning! Kids will have a great time learning about animals, how to grow food, counting and cooking in the kitchen, and more. These simple games are easy and fun for little kids to play and learn.
This game offers 20 different games for kids ages 3-11. Playing these games will help kids learn math, logic, reflexes, memory, and more. It will even keep track of your child’s progress so you can see what they’re learning.
A great game for all ages, Memory Lane is a simple test of memory. Cards are laid out across beautiful, peaceful backgrounds with a match to each card. Select two and find the one that matches. Remember where you found the matching pair and clear the board!
In this cute coding game, you play as a coder whose cat is also good at coding. Build a cat-to-human speech recognition system so you can talk to your cat! This silly game actually teaches kids about coding and programming and how machine learning works.
Jeopardy! is a long-time family favorite TV game show with trivia in many areas. Get everyone involved with family mode, adapted for family play.
Another classic trivia option with family mode is TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! You can choose which categories you want to play, the way your question and answers are entered, and difficulty level.
Train your brain with a variety of games and watch your Big Brain Brawn score rise. You can play together as a family, each with your own score and diffiulty level, or play online against other players in Ghost Clash.
Make education creative with Colors Live! Follow the color quests to create different images based on the prompts and learn how to use the different tools together. This game comes with a special pen to use with your Switch to draw on it.
From cultures, to animals, agriculture, and more, Planet Quiz tests your knowledge of all things planet Earth. Choose from four modes: tournament, quizpedia, quick play, and campaign.
These video games help give kids something fun and educational to do! Our favorite is Game Builder Garage, as it shows the behind-the-scenes of the games they enjoy playing. Another option for behind-the-scenes tech is while True: learn() plus it has the bonus of having a cat in the game; who doesn’t want to talk to their pet? For more traditional topics get into BodyQuest and have them learn about their body inside and out!
If you are looking for something for a bit of a younger audience, Abbie’s Farm for Kids and Toddlers has simple gameplay that’s educational and easy to learn. Or get the whole family involved with the classics, Jeopardy! and TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! These show that learning can be fun, and video games don’t have to be mindless. Your kids are sure to enjoy learning as they play.
We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.
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