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[Jessp] has created a very cute and endearing DIY virtual assistant called Maria. The build combines a 3D printed housing that uses a modern take on the “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion to render a virtual, three-dimensional anime inspired assistant that can take commands to get information about the weather, play music or set timers.
The hub houses a Raspberry Pi 4B and a 3.2 inch LCD HDMI screen mounted flat on its back to render the perspective corrected “Maria” character using a technique borrowed from the Pepper’s Cone project. Polycarbonate sheets are formed into a cone, allowing for the 3D effect of rendering the virtual assistant model. A consumer grade mini USB microphone is used to receive voice commands along with a consumer grade USB speaker for audio feedback. The virtual assistant offloads the text to speech services to Google Cloud, along with using a weather API and Spotify developer account to for its musical options.
All source code is available on [Jessp]’s GitHub page, including build instructions and STL files for the housing. We’ve featured open source voice assistants in the past, including Mycroft and a even a HAL-9000 virtual assistant (running Kalliope) but it’s nice to see further experimentation in this space.

This is not holographic and “Pepper´s Cone” effect does not exist.
Were you trying to get across the point that it is properly called “Pepper’s Ghost?”
It seems like there is no real depth information (no stereo vision), and still it’s convincing enough to trick our vision. So, yes, it’s not hologram, but an illusion.
The effect used is called “Pepper’s Ghost”, but using a cone instead of flat reflector, hence Pepper’s Cone. You could say it doesn’t exist, but you could say the same of Pepper’s Ghost. It’s just a reflection after all.
“”Pepper´s Cone” effect does not exist.”
Try clicking the link? Works for me.
Pepper Ghost effect does. That link uses incorrect wording, but i get your point:
There is no editorial problem here with botched articles full of incorrect wording, wrong units, and typos. Ignore the “Mastadon” in the room and look elsewhere, you “Editor in Chief”.
Wow. What’s it like to be pedantic *and* wrong?
Pepper’s Ghost. It’s a possessive.
You’re the one talking about the “Pepper’s Cone effect”, the article states “… using a technique borrowed from the Pepper’s Cone project. ” – one can call their project any way they want.
It’s you who is mistaken.
Yep, peeps are stupid if they call these things holograms as they are not even remotely related. They are more like a form of HUD.
Nice casing, interesting concept, but how does it look from the side? What’s the viewing angle of the “3D” figure
I guess it’s something like this:
Cool demo. So it’s like a 2d display that can be viewed correctly from any angle, essentially?
It appears that “any” angle is a bit misleading. As I see it, it can be viewed from only one angle but by detection of the rotation of the projection device itself (and adjusting the projected image for that specific view angle) the image is adjusted so that the illusion of multiple view angles is realized. In other words, 2D with a lame form of tracking, using the accelerometer/gyro in the tablet itself (of which the screen acts like “the projector”). Or with a face/head-tracker observing the location of the viewer and adjusting the projected image accordingly.
Cortana? Is that you?
“Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi! You’re my only hope!”
Begley is better. More attitude.
It’s not a true blue hologram maybe, but a nice optical illusion! I like it! 🙂
It’s maybe also a cool project for schools to awaken the pupils’/students’ interest in science, computing, holography etc.
Cute! If it is supposed to be placed on a table, then perhaps the screen should be on the top and not on the bottom. Being able to see the screen gives away the trick.
Wiring a screen above might be too much of a challenge. An alternative would be to block the view of the screen so light can only travel from the screen to the reflector.
(Baffles, fresnel lens, or similar)
Can one purchase perspex cones off the shelf? I wouldn’t mind having a go at re-creating this!
one of the videos shows it works with a transparent styrofoam cup with the base cut out. they’re easily found.
There’s a similar product in Japan, Gatebox. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it here, yet.
Related, but not identical: gatebox dot ai slash en is selling something fairly similar to this, but only in Japan (and only speaking Japanese) and apparently it’s somewhat popular. There’s an actual demand for something like this.
I think there’s also an English version, but without the cute anime lady. Instead, you get an Engrish speaking dude or something along these lines. 😂
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